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“The Tao is like an empty bowl, which in being used can never be filled up.” — Lao Tzo
Jon Gruden and Company

The other day while watching the Indianapolis Colts playing against the Baltimore Ravens during Monday Night Football on ESPN, the commentators brought up the sudden resignation of Oakland Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden. The resignation itself was not a surprise. Rather it was expected. …

Accept All

What it means to be the product of contemporary advertising. And how to avoid it.

If there is one thing Americans are used to, it’s advertising. As social media networks developed, it seemed only natural that advertisements and marketing would be included. …

While technology from smartphones to electric vehicles has advanced at breakneck speed, batteries haven’t changed much over the decades. As vehicle manufacturers unveil their newest generation of hybrid and electric vehicles, the race for a reliable, affordable and durable EV battery is (no pun intended) heating up.

Automakers have been…

Consuming tangible goods is becoming increasingly troublesome. As our society has advanced, we’ve become keenly aware of how our advancements — technological and mechanical — how they affect our planet.

Once cars began rolling off assembly lines, we saw the potential and the power of easy, accessible, and affordable transportation…

Stop spying on me!

Analog Science Fiction and Fact is an American science fiction magazine published under various titles since 1930. Originally titled Astounding Stories of Super-Science, the first issue was dated January 1930.

In a 1942 edition, writer Leigh Brackett wrote a story called The Sorcerer of Rhiannon. In the story she writes…

The Beatles

When I was a youth my mother would tell me I’d be good in sales. I never related to her about this because I was more interested in being a professional baseball player, tennis player, and eventually a rock-n-roller. …

This morning I updated my Google Calendar to place me on a new work regiment. I did this because I wasn’t following my previous regiment any longer, so it wasn’t doing me any good. By changing up my regiment, I’m invigorating my daily and weekly routines.

The new routine is…

With today’s Michigan vs. Michigan State game in Ann Arbor, the college football world is as anxious as it gets.

A MSU victory will secure the Spartans’ place in the top 5 for fending off the rebound team of the decade.

A close well-played game by UM that leads to…

Of course the customary ways to dress coffee are with cream and sugar. But I like my coffee black so that I can actually taste the integrity of the bean and the brew.

The last couple of years I have been using…

Just joined Medium.

Was introduced to me by a fellow user.

Looks like an active space.

Not sure what I am doing yet, but

I like to dip my toes in the water.

Mmm, that’s nice!

Ryan J. Gerardi

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