The Paul Bunyan Trophy Means Something Again

With today’s Michigan vs. Michigan State game in Ann Arbor, the college football world is as anxious as it gets.

A MSU victory will secure the Spartans’ place in the top 5 for fending off the rebound team of the decade.

A close well-played game by UM that leads to a MSU victory will keep the spotlight on the Wolverines for the weeks to come, but it would likely jeopardize their chance at a Big 10 title.

A UM victory of course will solidify the Wolverine’s comeback from below average to potential greatness, causing the team to be a contender not only for the Big 10 title but also contenders for a National Championship.

Who has more on the line? Well, the Spartans do.

The Wolverines have already wet the palette for exceeding expectations in the first year of Jim Harbaugh’s potential era of dominance at UM. Even with a loss today UM can still churn out a successful season.

A MSU loss would send the Spartan’s back to East Lansing not just as losers but with a dark cloud overhead that their days of dominating the Wolverines are numbered.

There is little to no doubt that Mark D’Antonio’s Spartan’s will show up and play a solid game today. The spotlight is on the Wolverines. Will Rudock be flawless on his A-game? Will the UM defense remain constant and true?

Lee Corso thinks so.


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