Coffee with Coconut Oil vs Butter

Of course the customary ways to dress coffee are with cream and sugar. But I like my coffee black so that I can actually taste the integrity of the bean and the brew.

The last couple of years I have been using butter. With butter you don’t lose the flavor of the bean but you gain a softer finish with the brew. This is especially useful when you drink rich dark roasts like I do.

Recently I decided to try using coconut oil instead of butter and I believe I have found my preferred way to drink coffee.

The idea came to be when I was at a bagel shop in Newport Beach where one day they were serving coconut flavored coffee. Normally I want nothing to do with flavored coffee but a coconut flavor sounded nice. I tried a sample and loved it and so I got a cup.

This prompted me to try coconut oil in my coffee. Like with butter, you don’t lose the flavor of the bean nor do you sacrifice the integrity of the brew like you do with cream and sugar. Naturally you get a slight coconut flavor but effectively you are still drinking black coffee that is rich and dark as ever.

“The Tao is like an empty bowl, which in being used can never be filled up.” — Lao Tzo

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